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Thoughts, scriptures, and experiences during our travels

Seize the Day

July 18, 2018

Well this was our first weeks vacation in forever. We went to California to glamp and visit family. Our first stop was to visit our daughter in Torrance. We use to live in California but never had been to this area before. WoW! what a beautiful area near the beach. Just loved it. Really wished we could have stayed longer. So from there we drove down the Pacific Coast Hwy to Newport Beach and stayed at the "Newport Dunes RV Resort". Check out video Here. At first with all the driving we did in the traffic Ugh! we were wound up tight like a spring. lol It took us 2 days to finally feel relaxed. See our Frustrations video here. Anyway, after finally relaxing we scootered over to Balboa Island and Peninsula see video on that Here. It was so beautiful there. And you know, after our trip was all said and done, I was telling myself you should have stayed at Balboa longer. It was like we rushed through it. Well, it wasn't like, we did rush through it. I know sometimes we tend to rush through life, because we are so use to it in our everyday life, we tend to carry it over when we are to be resting. Something we will be praying and working on.

So, from Newport Beach we went to Northridge to stay at the "Walnut RV Park" and visited more family and friends. This place is in a great location near lots of places like; Hollywood, Disney, Beaches and Ventura County area. Check out our video on that Here. We had a relaxing time there and a great visit. We even got to visit Northridge House of Prayer too. Met some nice ladies there. It's a great place to go hear worship and pray. So the take away on this trip was to just relax and rest in the Lord. Seize the day. Really looking around, enjoying the sounds and beauty that God has created. Just something to think about on your next trip. Don't let the Devil steal away your joy of a vacation and time with the Lord and his creation.

Blessings all


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